Selected authors share their theoretical discussion and examination about the exhibition’s concept and development. Furthermore, news from the exhibition rooms will be published here

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Welcome, Annekathrin Kohout!

April 5th, 2014Author:

For the weekend, we will take some time off to reflect on the first week of A Process. A perfect occasion to read the first blog-post by Annekathrin Kohout, one of five authors sharing their theoretical thoughts about the exhibition. The text is in German, but will be translated and published in English as well. We will be back in the gallery on Tuesday.

In the gallery

April 2nd, 2014Author:

Yesterday, we fixed some technical problems, finally got the webcam to work. Today, we will start to work on the combinations, so stay tuned! We will keep you updated about everything, so check back regularly.

We hope you enjoy it, check the webcam and the combinations and feel free to share!

Welcome, Andreas Bülhoff!

March 31st, 2014Author:

Today, we want to welcome Andreas Bülhoff. After having worked together on issue 7, where he curated and edited the literature-part, we are very happy to have him again in our team for the exhibition. The whole process of selection will be accompanied by text and audio pieces of invited poets who will be asked to select and/or compose texts for the newly created picture combinations. The image- and text-combinations will be presented in a reading. Sound works will be presented on the website. This whole part is curated by Andreas. Within the next few days, we will introduce you to the poets that have been invited to take part in the exhibition.

»A Process«: Work in progress

March 29th, 2014Author:

Dear all, thanks so much to everybody who attended the opening yesterday evening, it was great! 300 people celebrated with us, we’re stunned. Unfortunately, the webcam quit its job, so if anyone of you took photos of the opening, we’re happy if you share them with us.

We will start working in the gallery on Tuesday, April 1st. We keep you posted! Have a nice weekend.

Capriccio: TV-broadcast about Der Greif & »A Process«

March 28th, 2014Author:

The German TV magazine Capriccio about culture and arts made this video about Der Greif. Thanks to the nice guys from Capriccio, to Andreas Krieger and last but not least to the contributing photographers, we really appreciate it and hope you like the video!

»A Process« begins

March 28th, 2014Author:

DER GREIF is announcing its official opening of »A Process« and proudly presenting the works of 279 photographers from 33 countries.
We created this special exhibition-website in order to keep you updated in many different ways.
Check it out,
enjoy and stay tuned,

the editors of DER GREIF

Exhibition-Opening Friday, 28th March (7:30 pm)
On view from March 29th – May 18th 2014

Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Maximilianstr. 48, Augsburg