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Jörg Colberg

Jörg M. Colberg is a writer, photographer, and educator based in Northampton (MA, USA). Since its inception in 2002, his website Conscientious has become one of the most widely read and influential blogs dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. In 2006, American Photo included Jörg in its list of the year’s “photography innovators.” In 2011, picked Conscientious for one of their photo blog awards, writing “There’s not an ounce of fluff here, which is why Conscientious is rightly seen and lauded as one of the very few essential photography destinations on the Web.” In addition to publishing writing online, articles/essays by Jörg have been published in photography and design magazines (British Journal of Photography, Creative Review, Chinese Photography Magazine, FOAM Magazine, and more) and photographers’ monographs. In 2010, Jörg joined the faculty of the newly formed International Limited-Residency Photography MFA Program at Hartford Art School/University of Hartford, while also teaching at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) and at the Rhode Island College of Design (RISD). In 2012, he became an assistant professor of photography at Hartford Art School/University of Hartford.

Articles by Jörg Colberg

Excerpts from »Der Greif – The most beautiful orphanage in photography«

April 28th, 2014Author:

[…] The trust that I spoke of earlier has to exist both ways. Photographers have to trust the makers of Der Greif that they will create something that makes sense, that is beautiful. At the same time, the makers of Der Greif have to trust photographers all over the world, people they have never met, that they will receive material they can work with. […]

[…] Ultimately, Der Greif explores the promise of photography: photographs can speak to us in all kinds of ways. In particular, photographs are able to express things that their makers might have never thought of. And placed next to each other, photographs can establish a powerful dialogue. […]

These are excerpts from a longer text about Der Greif and the exhibition »A Process« entitled »Der Greif – The most beautiful orphanage in photography«. The whole text will be published in the printed book coming along with the exhibition. More details about the book will be published soon.