Marian Alonso

Marian Alonso

living in United Kingdom – visit artist website

Spanish born Marian Alonso (1977) is a photographer and lens-based visual artist based in London. After graduating in photography, she was awarded a residency at Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (2002) where she investigated new methods of mixing traditional photographic techniques with emerging digital technologies. In 2006, Alonso won the ARCO Award in photography, which involved working in Madrid on a collaborative project, supported by the Spanish Arts & Culture Department.

Her most recent work has been shortlisted for the Sproxton Photography Award in association with the London College of Communication, where she completed her master’s degree in fine art photography.

The work exhibited is part of her series, Maternal Ambivalence, where she examines women’ s states of mind during their first pregnancy. The work challenges preconceptions of motherhood revealing the fragility of these women in the transition of becoming mothers.