Tatjana Schlör

Tatjana Schlör

living in Germany – visit artist website

Orihuela/Alicante 1975

studied ethnology and graphic design in Marburg/Germany. In 1998 she moved to Spain where she completed her diploma in fashion design at IED in Madrid. This was followed by a stint as a children´s illustrator in Germany, after which she returned to Spain to have her first child in 2005.

She studied photography at BLANK PAPER Photography School in Valencia, winning a grant in 2010 to develop her project Welt, in which she explores the fantasy world of her children from behind the lens.

In 2011 she was awarded a further grant to work on a new project: “(notes for) das Wesen”.

Her multimedia work has been showcased in various European cities and published in numerous media and blogs.

She worked for Magazine M of le Monde and collaborates with Nido (Stern publishers).

Now she lives in Bonn/Germany and works as a freelance photographer.